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  1. All In Casino is committed towards ensuring that each customer experience is a positive and fair one. However, should a customer have a complaint, he/she may contact All In Casino in the following ways:

    a. By sending an email to: [email protected]
    b. By contacting Customer Support through our Live Chat feature on site.

  2. Complaints are handled by our support team and escalated within the organization if required.

  3. All In Casino shall immediately inquire into any complaint made to it by a registered player in respect of:

    a. The operation of a game operated by All In Casino;
    b. The conduct of an agent of All In Casino in operations related to a game operated by All In Casino;
    c. How a bet has been settled;
    d. Any other aspect of the Service offered by All In Casino.

  4. Any claim regarding a transaction in conjunction with an All In Casino Account shall be made to All In Casino within 6 months after the transaction, payment and/or settlement took place, or should have taken place; otherwise All In Casino reserves the right, at its own discretion, not to consider the claim.

  5. In order for a complaint to be dealt with in the swiftest and most efficient manner possible, the complaint must contain clear and unequivocal information about the complainant's identity, and shall provide all the relevant details and facts that gave rise to the complaint.

  6. All In Casino does not tolerate aggressive, abusive, derogatory, threatening, vulgar, sexually explicit or offensive behavior and/or statements. In the event that customer behaves in such a manner, All In Casino will have the right to stop all communications with the customer concerned, and may suspend or close the customer account if it deems appropriate. Should it deem fit, All In Casino may also escalate the matter to the relevant regulatory authorities and/or enforcement agencies.

  7. All In Casino will use all reasonable endeavors to ensure the matter is resolved as promptly as possible and to ensure that, whenever possible, an amicable settlement is reached.

  8. All In Casino will inform the complainant of the status or outcome of the complaint within a reasonable timeframe.

  9. If All In Casino is unable to settle the dispute to the satisfaction of the Customer, the Customer may refer the unresolved dispute, together with all relevant facts, to [email protected].